Park, Gallery and Fountains

Hi Guys,

Lister Park  is one of the most beautiful parks with in the Bradford vicinity. During the holidays and the weekends you can see the groups of people clustering at the park near the fountains or at the park. It also has its own

civic art gallery, the Cartwright hall, which you can regularly visit and is always a crucial visit during your school years. This is most likely to happen in primary school during an art lesson when you would make a trip down to the gallery and you would then be aloud to look around the gallery which would then be followed by a lesson in the gallery. The park is regularly used for fun fairs with rides and games for families to enjoy close to home. So I went down on one of our warmest weekends this year so far with my mum. We walked around the park and took a multitude of pictures.

Here are the photographs I took whilst walking around the park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Unfortunately the large fountain was not on so I couldn’t take a photograph of that and I tried my best to take the pictures without also catching people in the pictures.

Thank you all for reading this very short blog post but I hope the photographs made up for the lack of writing. I hope you enjoyed and also comment down below on what you thought about this post.

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11 thoughts on “Park, Gallery and Fountains

  1. Well, hello! I’m so happy to “see” you…I got home late from work and have been up since 5:00am (reading a new book that I’m loving)–so, I am super tired. However, I want you to know that I will check out/comment on your amazing posts then…for now, I will say that the above photos are beyond spectacular–and I will give more specific feedback tomorrow. You are such a treasure….wishing you a wonderful sleep tonight, and a fantastic day tomorrow…and, thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. You have such a gift for capturing beauty…for finding it and showing it in its best light. I especially like the contrast of light and shadows…it gives such texture and variation to the colors and the overall composition. And, love your narration–you are very engaging and I can imagine you being enthralled and curious as you survey nature’s marvels…thank you for sharing with us 🙂

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