Blackpool, Family and Rock

Hi guys,

I know its been a while but if you hadn’t realized so far but the weather has been ever so bleak and miserable lately so hopefully this blog post can make you feel a lot more up beat and to look forward to the sun.

 I went to Blackpool with my parents, younger brother and cousins where we had an amazing time just relaxing together by the beach and then later splitting up to go and do our own things. My cousins went to a haunted house but me and my family are not really into the haunted life especially after I saw the promo video on YouTube and so I stayed well away. Instead me and my parents along with my younger brother walked from the south pier where I was with my cousins to the north pier stopping along the way for a classic fish and chips. I, as per usual, was taking as many pictures as I possibly could as the day was beautiful and I wanted to capture as much of it as I can especially for you. I did buy some rock but as you must have guessed its all gone by now. I know this might sound bad but I used it to bribe my younger brother into leaving my room when ever he payed a visit, because I enjoy my solitude as much as I enjoy the company of others. What can I say I am just like any other teen out there. I also recommend if you haven’t had it the McDonald’s Iced Mocha Frappes as they are simply sublime and I had them as much as I could during the summer, but I couldn’t resist and so I am still indulging myself during the winter as they are quite addictive.

 I know that I took a lot of photographs in the end and it added up to roughly around a hundred and I had no idea which photographs to insert, but I finally made a decision and chose these few pictures to share with you guys.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this short blog post of my day out with the family and also comment down below on what you thought about this post. My next blog should be a good one keep your eyes peeled for it when ever I decide to post it. In the mean time if you would like to check out my previous blog posts feel free to explore.

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