Wicked, Cereal and Mount Everest (part 2)

Hi guys,

So this is carrying on from my previous blog if you want you could check that out here https://mozalfailyas.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/new-friends-the-bfg-and-a-week-away-part-1/ but, you don’t have to have read the previous post to understand the one I am currently writing.


So, it was Wednesday and we all met for breakfast at 8:15 where I caught up with my friends. Once this was done, at 9:30 we met with our showcase groups but at 10:00 we joined up with the other groups. When we met we got to ask the hosts questions about anything we wanted to know. At 11:00 we started planning for the showcase.

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From 12:00 we were put into new groups for the enterprise challenge. Here we had a speaker, Gary Butterfield from juice ltd, on business. After the speaker was done the groups split up into separate rooms and we started planning to pitch a new idea for a healthy cereal. We had a working lunch and came up with an idea for the cereal. As per usual we had a few disagreements but we made it work. Then we made a presentation, a prototype model and TV ad for the cereal and we had until 16:30. This is when we presented our idea to the judges. Unfortunately we did not win, but we gave it our best shot.

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Once this was done we had our evening meal which was curry themed. then we jumped onto some coaches and headed of to watch a play at the Alhambra theatre in Bradford. We watched Wicked and it was amazing. This was the witches side of the story from the wizard of oz. It was sort of like Maleficent and I really enjoyed the play and recommend if you can go and watch it. I also had dark chocolate and sea salt ice cream which was also amazing.

Then we jumped right back on the coaches and headed back to the university and went to sleep.

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Thursday came and I had breakfast and at 10:00 we went to another academic workshop. This session was about Mount Everest and I learnt a lot about the history of the mountain. At 12:00 we had lunch. Then at 13:00 we went to the West Yorkshire playhouse we did some theatre and vocal skills and this was so fun. The man giving us the vocal skills session said that everyone can sing but some people just need to be taught how to get to those notes. However I still think I can’t sing but it was a good session. Once this was done we had time to get ready for our formal dinner and disco. I had a lot of fun and some amazing food.

When we got back I packed the majority of my suitcase ready for our departure back home on Friday. Then I went to sleep.

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On the Friday, I got up, got ready and packed everything into my suitcase completely and headed to have breakfast. Then at 10:00 we had an hour to do our final planning for our showcase. At 11:00 we met in one of the lecture theatre’s where each group presented there showcase and they were all really good. However my group was last and you know what they say, save the best for last and I must say ours was really good. Awards were also given to the hosts which we voted upon.

Once this was done we had lunch and we all went home to our families.

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I had an amazing week thanks to everyone at the summer school. I am so sorry that this is so late but I have been really busy and I haven’t had a laptop as my previous laptop sadly died and I just got a replacement a couple days ago.

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Thanks for reading this blog post I hope you enjoyed it and comment down below what you thought what you think I should write about next.

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8 thoughts on “Wicked, Cereal and Mount Everest (part 2)

  1. You capture such glorious skies…why should the blue ones get all the attention? Again, I am delighted by your posts…entertaining, interesting, and visually appealing, they provide such lovely snap-shots of your adventures…thanks for sharing 🙂

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