New Friends, The BFG and A Week Away (part 1)

Hi guys,

So I don’t know if you remember but in a previous blog I mentioned how I was going to a summer school in Leeds for a week. Well guess what, I went a couple weeks ago on Monday the 8th of August and returned in the afternoon on Friday the 12th of August. It was a jam packed week full of fun activities which allowed me to participate and have a great time whilst meeting many a new faces.

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The week started with me stressing and trying to make sure I had everything with me. And then getting to the bus station on time which all went well and I did get there on time. So once on the bus I caught up with my best friend and hoped that once we arrived we would be in the same flat which upon arrival we were told we would be separated. But once meeting everyone from my flat I realized they were all really nice and I was happy again plus I could always see my friend at breakfast, lunch and at other activities.

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The hosts in my flat were also amazing. We all had our own rooms which were nice and a shared bathroom with the person in the room next to us. After everyone had arrived we had a meeting where we were made aware of the activities for the week commencing. After this we had the Boomwhacker workshop, which everyone participating in the summer school took part in. This was basically to allow everyone to get to know one another.

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After this we we were told about a showcase at the end of the week which consisted of us splitting in to groups and planning a skit to show to everyone on the last day. Once this was done we had half an hour to get to know our group and to come up with some ideas. After this we went to have dinner. Once this was done we met with our flats and battled it out with all the other flats for the win but unfortunately we were unsuccessful even though I felt we did amazingly.

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Anyways after this everyone headed back to the flats to catch some z’s.

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Tuesday came having to get up at 7 am to be ready in time for breakfast at 8:15. After breakfast I had an academic workshop in engineering until 12:00 which I thoroughly enjoyed. The best part being we made a pyramid from pyramids which we used sticks to make. Anyways after lunch we went on a round of university skills sessions such as how to write your personal statement. Once this was complete we went on to the showcase planning again.

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Then we went jumped onto some coaches and headed to Xscape. This is were I went to the cinema to watch The BFG whilst eating nachos with my friends which was really good. I highly recommend you watching this movie it will surely make you laugh with amazing visual effects but do expect it to stray slightly from the book and the 1989 film.

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So once the movie ended we met up with our flats and went for our evening meal at Nando’s which we were lucky to get as we wisely booked before the other flats could book it out. Here I ordered a butterfly burger with chips, which I must say tasted great. Once we were done we had to wait for the other flats to finish up eating and so we then headed to the arcade were we just chilled until it was time to leave.

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 Upon arrival at the flats we chatted for a while until half past eleven and then headed to bed.

To find out how the rest of my week went then keep a watch out for part 2 to this blog. Don’t forget to check out my instagram at mozalfa_ilyas by clicking on the button below and also check out my twitter at Mozalfa Ilyas for more.



7 thoughts on “New Friends, The BFG and A Week Away (part 1)

  1. I love the narrative as much as I love the photos…and given the scope of your giftedness, that is a double dose of very high–and much-deserved–praise. Thank you for sharing…you brighten my day each and every time I am privileged to connect with you 🙂

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