Hi guys,

So, I guess its been a while since I was last active on the blog and I in my own eyes have  reasonable explanation. It has been a busy couple of months and I had prioritize with all the tasks that come with being an A-Level student. This past month and a half have been the busiest month this year due to it being exam season. I am some one who really strives to do the best that I know that I am capable of but I do usually tend to pile the pressure on with extra curricular activities such as volunteering and keeping up with blogs. I have therefore take time to just put my sole focus into my exams.
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Don’t worry though, I should hopefully be back now for sometime as I have just completed all my exams and also have eight full weeks of stressful holidays following the eighth of July. These holidays are going to be jam packed with going over everything I have learnt so far then covering some of the coming years content. I will also bring the blog and my extended project qualification up to date and then also try to get a start on the theory part of driving.

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In the time in which I was gone, I have taken a real keen interest in baking and trying to relax myself at the end of a stressful week. I am thoroughly enjoying this and would recommend it to anyone. It was also my birthday which meant that I could finally start taking driving lessons which was amazing I have currently taken two lessons and they are going very well. I also stepped down on the volunteering front but I am hoping to go back in a week but for not as many hours. Don’t worry though I may have stopped blogging but I was still taking plenty of photographs which you will hope fully be seeing in the next couple of blogs.

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I also have an up coming baking/cooking day with my best friend and cousin. My friend is going to making pizza and my cousin is in charge of drinks whilst I will be, obviously, baking. Then in August I have a summer school with another one of my friends. On birthday I also received my first camera and I can’t wait to see what it can do then I can show you guys.

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I just wanted to recommend you check out an amazing writer with the kindest heart and the most generous of words.


Thank you for checking out my blog post and I hope you check out my other posts. Also I used VSCO to edit the images and I have done a blog post on how to use this so check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Gone

  1. I don’t know how I missed this post…and found it because of your generosity (thanks for the “likes” on my latest posts!). I can only imagine it’s because, as is the case with you, life has been making all sorts of distracting demands on my time. Anyway, back to you….I love the “moodiness” of these images…they make me think of someone who is trying to be stern, but, succeeds only in being “beautiful when your angry”. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard that expression…it’s usually found in the context of a black and white romance/dramas…and, is spoken by a devilishly-handsome rogue. And, when he delivers this line, the recipient smiles grudgingly, and her resolve, to stay angry, crumbles in the wake of the nerve of the charming man who she either loves, currently….or soon will. Well, I fell for your photos and your anecdotes immediately; and the “love affair” continues… these photos are no exception….the colours of the sky are just breathtaking…And, I really enjoy how you add an additional layer of personal touch by letting us know about–and what’s going on for–you.
    Lastly….when I saw what you wrote about me, it completely caught me off guard…and, filled my eyes with tears…your sweetness and generosity is so touching….and has filled my heart with gratitude and humility. Take care, and thanks again 🙂

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    1. I agree that life has been fairly distracting you’re kind words always brighten my day. I am happy to hear your appreciation of my photography. I had to mention a few kind words in regards to you and your blogs filled with amazing writing. Thanks for the kind words and I look for to your posts to come.

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