Next door

Hi guys,

So today I wanted to talk to you about the next City. I go to the next City a lot in the holidays because I was accepted on to a scheme at that university, and to say that I had never been to this city is a lie, but I had only been so many times that I realized I don’t know this City well enough so if I came alone I would immediately get lost. So the first time I went to this city was to collect data for my geography class and I was with my class mates who have been to the city before, so I relied upon them to show me the way around the area as we collected the data needed and also did some shopping. So because I am quite observant I tried to remember where we went and what we did and how to get back to the train station. But this was also a daunting experience for a second reason, which was that this was the first time I actually went on a train, and no I don’t mean with out my parents I actually mean I have never been on a train, just because I haven’t needed to use a train. However, we knew we got on the right train as our teacher also got on this train so we just followed her lead.

The second time that I went to the city I went with my full year group and we met at the train station in the other city then we walked to the university together. At the end of the day we were allowed to go of on our own. So I went with my friends shopping. Our first stop was Lush because we don’t have a lush store in our city so this is like our opportunity to actually buy some items instead of just staring at all those YouTubers rave about Lush but not being able to go. The next stop was a shop which I can’t remember the name too, but it was a gift wrapping shop and I went because a friend of mine needed a box to put the gifts she was going to give to someone for Christmas. Our last stop was Subway so that we could eat and then head home, this was because it was getting dark and we didn’t went to get a train when it was dark out.

Next time I went it was actually for the scheme that I was part taking in at the University so I went by train but as my parents were invited my mum came with my brother as my dad was working. This meant that I went home with them as they were given free parking at the university car park. But this was a fun day.

After this I went multiple times during the holidays with and without anyone so that I could become more independent but also because I had no choice I was being refunded for my journey to the uni and so my parents saw no fit reason to drop me of in the city. Now I will happily get on a train on my own and venture to the other city without anybody else. I went last Thursday and was able to get some photographs as I was walking up and also go into lush to stock up until the next time that I go.

Thank you for checking out this blog post and I hope you liked the Photographs too. I also got a new phone so hopefully the images are of better quality.

I used VSCO to edit the images below there is a link on how to edit using VSCO. Also check out the second link this another editing tutorial.

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7 thoughts on “Next door

  1. Fantastic post as always….by the by, I mentioned you at the end of my latest post (you and others who commented on my Bite Sizer about bawling in response to kindness)….I encouraged readers to check you out :). The post is titled “Cindy Lou Who-Do-You-Think-You-Are?”…no pressure….just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your kind comment and that I wanted to do some small thing to reciprocate 🙂

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