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Hi guys,

Today, I wanted to talk about another editing app that I use called Fotorus. I don’t use this often but I do use it to place different effects on an image and this feature is called PIP. Before using this app I usually use VSCO cam and I have already done a blog post on that so if you want to go and check it out click on this link .

However, Fotorus does have it’s own editing facilities to so this will be a step by step process. This is a free editing app on Android I’m not sure about Apple though.Screenshot_2016-03-28-16-37-02

 First to choose what photograph you want to edit:I chose this as it stood out to me.


So this is the page you will enter once you have downloaded the app and for the first part I would edit the image using the Pro Edit.


Once entering this section it will take you to your album and so just go ahead and choose the image that you would like to edit.Screenshot_2016-03-29-13-03-04

Doing so it will  take you to the editing page. The first thing you want to do is go onto scene. Keep in mind that I won’t be using all the features as most won’t be needed. But you can still use them if you want especially if you want to add some text to the image. This  is also a good feature if you wanted to make a cover page or a poster.Screenshot_2016-03-29-13-03-19

First adjust the features to your own liking. I adjusted the Auto, HDR, Portrait, Food, Firework, Object, Defog and Enhance. These features all enhance the image or decrease the enhancement. You don’t need to use Retinex as it is used for the eyes.

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These are the screenshots I took for the edits that I did for image. Next you press the tick button in the bottom right hand corner to save the adjustments made.

Then you go back to the edit page and go on to the filter setting here you can place a filter on the photograph. Screenshot_2016-03-29-13-05-54
Using any of the bottom four icons you can find filters. I used the first icon the camera and went with Classic.

Then the last thing that I did was used the adjust button where I edited the photograph using all of options given, which are shown below.

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I adjusted Levels which makes it darker or lighter.Then I adjusted WB you can either make the coloring more yellow or blue. Next I Contrast and this can enhance the image or do the opposite. Then Saturation makes the image either really bright or can make it black and white. After that you use Sharpen which enhances the finer details of the image. Following that you use Shadow which enhances the image by placing a shadow behind certain features. Then using the Highlight feature you can again enhance the image but this time by highlighting certain features in the images. Finally the ColorTemp this can make the image really red or it can make it fairly blue.

Then save this by tapping the tick in the bottom right hand corner.

Once this is done save it by pressing on the tick in the top right hand corner. This will bring you to the following image.Screenshot_2016-03-29-13-10-21
Then click on the Home button and this will take you back too the page you arrive upon entering the app.

Now we want to place a filter on the image and this is where you  go onto the PIP icon. Again this will take you to your gallery and here choose the image which you last saved, the edited image. You don’t have to have used Fotorus to edit the image prior to using the PIP Filter. I tend to use VSCO to edit and then use Fotorus for the PIP feature or to make a collage.img1459253412339

So once the image has been selected you will be brought to the following page. Screenshot_2016-03-29-13-15-21Here you are given a selection of filters, but then by pressing that button with a down arrow in a circle brings you to a library of options of filters as shown below.
Screenshot_2016-03-29-15-50-15I narrowed it down to the following options as I thought they were all really nice and fit the Photograph well.

 However, I went with this filter as I though it went well with image and showed the complete image as well.Screenshot_2016-03-29-16-01-45

 Then clicking the next button you’ll find yourself on the following page.Screenshot_2016-03-29-13-16-39 Here you can alter the foreground and background by filtering the images to make either stand out. I didn’t use this for this particular image but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use them either. Once you are done just save the image pressing the save button and you are done.


Here is the final product.

Now to create a collage go back to the home page and go on to collage. Here select the images you want to use. These are the images I used. I had pre-edited the other two photographs.

Next choose the layout that you ant to use. I went with a grid. Here you can choose any style and any layout.

Once you have chosen click on styles and  you can then change the width of the border, the radius of the images and you can add a shadow and outline. I went with a small border and an average size radius. I did not want a shadow nor a outline.
By clicking on background you can chose a variety of backgrounds either patterned or just colored. I went with a simple black background.

Then by clicking on the next button you are bought to the following page where you could edit the image further, which I didn’t use as I had already edited the images separately. But if you want to edit the image again feel free to do so.Screenshot_2016-03-29-17-34-54

Finally by pressing the tick in the top right hand corner the image is saved to your gallery and you are done.img14592679943041

Thank you for checking out this blog post remember that no matter when anybody says if you try hard enough you can achieve whatever you desire. I hope you enjoyed this edit and I hope you come back for more.

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29 thoughts on “How you want it

  1. Hi,
    I loved your FotoRus tutorial. I have also blogged about photography, many times. I recently gave a Snapseed tutorial.
    I found you in the Community Pool where you indicated you’d be interested in some support. It looks like you are doing fine– an impressive tutorial with readers that commented and clicked “like”. If you are interested in a blogging tip or two, check out my site; that’s what I blog about.

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  2. Loved your post! I’ve actually used VSCO myself and I personally love that app, I had no idea about FotoRus. I am definitely going to try this for myself and will most likely be back at this post following the steps with my own photos. Also I really enjoy your pictures, they’re fantastic.
    Thank you for your post!

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