Hey Guys,

So its Easter and the Holidays are finally here, with the weather gradually getting better and better. With Easter comes a change in season and so we have spring hitting us and finally leaving winter in the past. These holidays are really key to a lot of people as this next term means exams (well certainly for me anyways), and so this means that I have to get my head down and work my butt of, but this also means that I want to aim to draft more blog posts, and to post every week on time.

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 Easter is a great time to try new thinks and so that’s what I’m doing. The other day I made fluffy pancakes for the first time, I had eaten them plenty of times before but I wanted to make them instead of eating store bought items all the time. If I say so myself I do think they turned out pretty amazing. I also started having smoothies or juices in the morning. I freeze the fruit at the beginning of the week in packs and then in the morning just blend it with some juice of your own liking. I just felt I needed to go a little healthier and to gain an energy boost from a natural energy source, rather than something like coffee, especially in the morning. This also means that I get at least half of my five a day.

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I’ve also been able to take a lot more pictures as with the change of the weather it has brought a change of scenery which allows me to have some varied photographs. This also means that I can show you something different. One thing that won’t change is that I will still be taking pictures where ever I can, and then posting them to share with you guys.


 The main places I take pictures are from my bedroom window and from my form room window in school, that is why the scene may be quite similar a lot of the time, however the weather changes all the time so it doesn’t matter, well not to me at least. I think that the pictures aren’t meant to always have a different scene they just need to show a change. My bedroom window is where I sit and look outside everyday so I like to remember what I saw and the same goes for when I take a photograph in school.

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I see beauty in the sky among other things and so I feel why not share it instead of allowing greed to control you which leads you to keeping it for yourself. Be yourself and if you want to make a change do it now before it gets too late, also don’t wait for the new year or the beginning of the next week just start now, because your just making excuses to delay, be hard on yourself and it will work out.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

 Enjoy these holidays but don’t waste them either.

Thank you for checking out this blog post remember to always do what is best for you and I hope you enjoyed my Photographs. All my Photographs are edited on VSCO. One of the pictures was also edited further on Fotorus and Photoshop.

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29 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Hey Moxalfa, great clicks, and wonderful pics. However you used the title Easter. Apart from it being just holiday time its a celebration of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, and being a Catholic I immediately came to check out your site. The red colored water droplets I thought to be the blood shed for our salvation., only tofind you meant holidays. Anyway I got the message as blood droplets so I think your click is awesome.

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  2. I love the way you think and express yourself…and your worldview/outlook is so attractive/appealing and relational….you are a really wonderful person…I am so glad we have connected…and, thank you for the gorgeous photos…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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