A Struggle

Hi guys,

Today I just want to rant so if you don’t want to hear that then stop now and jump ship but if your still reading this thank you. Something you wouldn’t know about me is that once I get going I can start ranting just a warning in advance.

When ever I make my way to the laptop to prepare and write a blog post I never really have a clear idea as to what I want to do and how I want to do it. When I did my first couple of blogs I found it easy to just sit down and type and this was because my ideas were all fresh and new. I hadn’t actually read any blogs prior to starting my blog unless it was for research purposes. I started taking pictures and posting them on Facebook the only social media site that I had but in the summer of 2015 my brother realized that I only ever used my Facebook for photographs so he directed me towards Instagram. Surprisingly, I being a teenager wasn’t too into all of this social media. So from their I started my Instagram, with it just being pictures on anything and everything, but later on I went back and deleted the majority of the photographs that had nothing to do with nature and landscape, and centered my Instagram around that subject.

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Then it came time for me to start my EPQ which from the very beginning I knew I wanted it to be linked to photography because I was never able to actually study it as the school I attend doesn’t run this as a subject. Therefore this became my perfect opportunity to do something I truly enjoy and something I knew I wouldn’t get bored of. So when I came up with the brilliant idea to start my own blog I mentioned it to my teacher who was very supportive. After that I told my family and being the amazing family that they are they supported it even if they (my parents) don’t completely understand what it is that I wanted to do. My mum still thinks this is a project that I will finish after a couple of blog posts, she always asks me how many more do you have to do and I just say to her as many as I want.

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Photography became a big part of me especially this last year because I never truly understood what I was good at which made me feel left out. Everyone else looked to me like they were amazing at something or other a friend of mine is an amazing writer who has won two young Muslim writers awards in this last year, another friend is equally amazing with her brain as well as sports and my brother is amazing with technology and he is so smart and I can say a whole load more. I always felt I was just ‘standard’ at everything but I soon came to realize that you might not be academically the most intellectual you still have something your amazing at you just need to find it some people find it like a snap of the finger but for others, like me, it takes a little longer.

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But back to the EPQ I found myself stuck behind a hurdle as I realized that my blog even though it is a photography blog, I wanted to still talk to the readers, and to do that for me it had too be a written blog as well. So writing was my biggest fear, because I truly am terrible at writing but I took this as an opportunity to further better my writing skills as well as all the other skills I would gain or enhance by starting a blog. This led me to pushing myself to start my blog and to post my first blog post after spending all night previous to posting it and getting it perfect, even though if you look at it now it is one of my shortest posts. Ever since I have tried to write and post a new blog post every week.

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I know that I want to go to university and study Engineering but its just something that I want to do and I feel I need to do it. This academic year started out tough but I feel like I have gained more skills this year than I ever have previous to this year. I started volunteering at the British Heart Foundation and I helped out in school during the year five cooking class on a Monday for an hour, I found out that I can actually do makeup (a huge achievement for a girl), I can also do basic henna (a big achievement for an Asian), I also passed in first aid (even though I hate blood), I also got on a train for the first time and since have been plenty of times on the train even if it is only a 20 minute journey, and the best thing of all I started this blog which has truly been the best thing I have done/achieved for my self.

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So what I am saying is don’t struggle at something your bad at but enhance those skills that you are amazing at and do something with them become want you want. Don’t let your mistakes and doubts rule you pick yourself up and do what makes you you and enjoy everything you do because it will benefit you.

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Thank you for checking out this blog post remember to always do what is best for you and I hope you enjoyed my Photographs. All my Photographs are edited on VSCO.

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31 thoughts on “A Struggle

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your gift…your photos are breath-taking…so strikingly-beautiful….and I love that you encourage others to find their own gifts, no matter if you doubt there is anything special to discover…I am so happy for you that you discovered that which allows you to shine…your wonderful heart is also evident…:)

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    1. Thank you soooo much for that wonderful comment it is much appreciated and I am glad that you got the message I hope you gained some benefit from the blog. Thank you again and I hope you come back for more of my posts. thanks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You, too…I am in New Brunswick, Canada…and I am headed for an early night…it is 9pm here. Take care…”see” you when next you post…I post once a week, so next Sunday. I’ll watch for you 🙂

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  2. Dear Mozalfa,
    I love this post…the whole entire rant. I love it because by the end you have clarity, and that makes it all worth it. I always struggled with the same challenge of trying to figure out what I am a meant to be what career should I choose. Well I didn’t have your clarity and became a scientist, mostly for everyone else. I have only recently thought about what I love doing rather than what is expected, and actually that is also the reason for my blog too. Better late than never right?
    This is a great blog, and you are a wonderful photographer,

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  3. You seriously take fantastic photographs. You have a real talent there. And your words are fun to read, and are written well with some inspiring stuff in there as well. And thank you for the likes on my book. You have no idea how much it means to me!

    Liked by 2 people

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