Make it your own

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to show you my editing process for the photographs I feel need editing and to make the images more my own.

First you have to choose a picture which you think will attract people, but this image may still need a few features enhanced to make it stand out further and to make it more eye catching.


So I chose this image to work with.

Next I am going to use VSCO to edit the picture further. This app is a tool that I use when editing most of my pictures as it is easy to use. So first transfer the picture on to your VSCO account.


The first thing that you must do is select the picture you would like to edit and press on the first button on the bottom left hand side.


This button will bring you to the setting shown above and from here you can choose whatever filter best suits the picture, for this I have chosen G3.


Next click on the black arrow on the white tab at the bottom of the page and this shows you four icons as seen above. click on the second icon which looks like a spanner.


This will bring you to a tab which allows you to edit certain features of that picture. This tab allows you to:

  • Adjust the exposure
  • Increase or decrease the contrast
  • Rotate the image
  • Crop the image
  • Sharpen the image
  • Increase or decrease the saturation
  • Highlight
  • Shadow
  • Adjust the temperature
  • Adjust the tint
  • Adjust the skin tone
  • Increase the vignette
  • Add a grain
  • Fade the image
  • Shadow tint
  • Highlight tint


So the first thing I do is decrease the exposure as it makes defines the image. Usually I choose something which doesn’t make the photograph drastically different. Here I have chosen -3.


Contrasting the image allows the the light areas to stand out against the darker areas. Here I have gone for +3.


Straightening the image can help if the picture was taken a little wonky. However this can be used to angle the picture. I myself haven’t used this feature for this particular image.


This feature is used to crop out anything you don’t want in the picture or to just select a certain section of the picture. Again I didn’t use this feature as I wanted to have the complete picture.


This tool is used to enhance the features of the image and this can be done to however you would like. I chose to us +12 which is the highest.


Saturation makes the picture either more warmer or colder and so I went for warmer which meant I chose +3.


This decreases any outstanding brightness and I have gone for +4.


This places a shadow of the dark areas of the image just slightly fading the darker areas such as the tops of those buildings.


This also makes the image warmer or colder so I have only placed it on +1 as I did not want the image to become to warm but I still wanted it slightly warmer than the original.


The tint makes the photograph have a seen so it can look like it was taken in the morning with a slight teal blue tint or in the evening with a purple tint. So I have gone for an evening look at +4.


The skin tone is usually used to for selfies to even out the skin tone so I haven’t used this feature.


The vignette is used to darken the outside of the image and I have gone for +12 as it gives a gradual increase in darkness effect.


Grain is used to make the picture look more gravelly however I don’t really like this effect so I tend to stay away from it.


Fade does what it says and fades the image. I really didn’t want the image too faded so I went for +2 on this particular feature.


Shadows tint and highlights tint allows you to chose what colour tint you would like and I usually don’t use these tools.


Now you have finished editing you have to click on the white tab with the black arrow and click on the tick to save the image.

The next steps are in the process of saving this image to your phone gallery/library.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So first click on the now edited picture and to save this picture to your phone gallery press the up circle made of dots in the bottom right hand corner.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
This is the final product.

Once you have done this the image is now your own and should be in your gallery in a folder called VSCO and from then on you can do whatever you like with the image. Also editing an image makes it unique to you  and nobody else is going to edit their picture exactly the same as your image even if the image is the same.

I hope you enjoyed reading my new post. Thank you all for taking out time to come and read this. I hope you enjoyed so please leave a comment as to what you thought and what you would like to see from me next.

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    1. I am glad you enjoyed my blog but I would appreciate if you would allow me to first put my logo on the image and then you can use them. Just tell me which images you want too use and then I’ll email you the images.

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