The Basic Essentials Needed For a Good Photograph

Hi guys,

The bare necessities needed for a good photograph comes from passion, capturing the moment and having the right tools to carry this forward.

My true passion stems from me always wanting to get the best from every opportunity. In this case it is photography; I love taking pictures, especially from my bedroom window, of sunsets and sunrises. No matter how good the sky looks you can always make it work.

All I use to take pictures is my phone,which is currently a Samsung. However, I can still get amazing pictures using my phone, I just try to be in the right place at the right time.

13th November 2015 heading home as the sun was setting. (unedited)

One major tip for when taking pictures is take at least two or three pictures of the same view because that way you have a higher chance of finding a good picture. You can always go back and delete the ones which aren’t to your liking.

 I don’t like to be repetitive so adding something else can always just spice things up a little. Although I don’t refine myself to just one genre, I have chosen a specific kind of photography that I would like to pursue .

Always try to find the best angle as having a good angle means that the picture will look better. Also, always try to find the best setting for your photograph.

Never be afraid to use an editing app they can  be used to just enhance the features of the photograph, but can also make a picture look as different as you want and I am not afraid to say that I have used them. If you do decide you want to use an editing app then my personal favorite is VSCO and Photoshop, but you can always try others.

19th November 2015 looking out of my classroom window and had to capture the moment. (edited)

There is always the option of buying different cameras and different lenses but it is also very costly so sometimes you just have to make do with what you have and work towards getting all the extra’s later.

Try to capture the moment, as for me no sunset or sunrise are the same and so trying to capture them as their own is my end goal, but this can go for anything just as long as you capture the moment as well as taking time to appreciate it.

To truly have an amazing picture you need time and dedication as well as passion. Always do what you enjoy, what drives and what will ultimately lead you to your happiness because your life is yours and only yours to live.

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