My First Post

To my readers,

This post is really just to tell you why I started a blog and what the blog will be about.

I always wanted to start a blog but I was worried about what it would be about if I had to pay for it if so where would I get the money and my biggest question was am I really ready to start a blog. 

However I realized that these were all just ways of procrastinating and the perfect opportunity popped up to me when as part of my Sixth-form life I was required to do the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which entailed me to create something which would show of my skills and was completely of my own choice. The EPQ also gave me time to do research on all the questions I had. Around a year earlier I had also found a new passion which went amazingly with the theme of my dream blog. I felt I had the opportunity to show of my skills other than the current skills which weren’t creative.

I will be doing my blog on Photography mostly on sunsets and sunrises however at some point I may spice things up a little and throw in something else.

I am glad that I
can share this experience with you and I hope to post again soon.

This is one of the first pictures I ever took which I still have.

  Just a little taster.

If you want to see some more of my other work please go over and check out my Instagram: mozalfa_ilyas



14 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. You’ve accomplished a lot by desiring to do more than think about a blog. You’ve chosen subjects to focus on initially, sunsets, those are engaging and should create interest. In time, like writing, your work will evolve and you may find other areas of interest, but that comes in time. So, far, it seems you have put your thought process in action, just continue to evolve and trust your instincts.

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  2. It’s so lucky for us that you’ve started a blog…you are as fantastic as your photos….which is to say you are unique and enchanting and very much appreciated…I find the way you express yourself so charming and endearing ….you are just so lovely…sorry for gushing, but, I tend to carry on when I am appreciative… 🙂

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